About Us

About the Gal (Rachel):
I’m a paranoid, on-edge pessimistic realist. I’ve been scared of the dark and bodies of water for as long as I can remember but my desire for adventure usually overpowers any hesitation or fear. I get really funny/sarcastic when I’m in uncomfortable situations and I cry every time I see something sentimental. I love conspiracy theories and I’ve been known to say the most random things to simply see how people react. I believe in fairies, monsters, Narnia, and Jesus. I have always wanted to fall in love, settle down, and be a mom…and also be a best-selling author. I dream of traveling the world and, as you will see here and elsewhere, I frequently quote TV shows and movies in every day conversation. I’m a lesser Gilmore Girl in that sense. I’m also really sarcastic when I write. So, I apologize in advance.
Rachel is currently working as both a Project Manager and a TEFL teacher.

About the Guy (Walter):
When asked to describe myself in a word, I usually try “Walter”. If that doesn’t work I’ll say I’m a “nerd”. Which is very true. I was/am the quiet/socially awkward/chess-loving/video-game-playing/borderline-genius who everyone wished would take their tests for them. Now I’m a tech-savvy mathmetician, and general lover of science/technology (minus the over-priced, over-hyped, non-user-customizable selection of Apple products) and of course of my wife Rachel (no exceptions or clauses here). In my spare time, I’m a gamer and minor movie fanatic. To give you an idea my favorite cable channel is Turner Classic Movies… I’ll watch (almost) anything once, and many films I consider good enough to warrant watching multiple times.
Walter is currently working as a staff researcher at the Physics Institute of Prague.


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