Kyoto: First Sights

On Thursday, March 11 I went on a train to Kyoto from Hiroshima early in the morning. A few days before, I reserved a bed in a shared hostel room. Aly drove me to the train station at 7am and we may have both cried as we said goodbye.

A few hours later, I was in Kyoto and checking in at my hostel. My room/bed wasn’t ready yet at that time, so I left my bags and went on a trek through the city. I soon discovered that Kyoto was my favorite Japanese city. On one street, there were modern, streamlined buildings and then I turned a corner and a very traditional house. The juxtaposition of traditional against modern was lovely and striking.

There were designated smoking areas that were plastic boxes. Paper lanterns were hung all over the place. One moment I was walking on a busy, crowded street and the next, I was alone in a beautiful park smack in the middle of the city. There were signs all around the city describing the history of the area. I fell in love with Japan when Kyoto and I met.

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