Miyajima: Daisho-in

After coffee and Senjokaku, we walked up the hills to Daisho-in, a Buddhist temple. While I am not a Buddhist, I definitely appreciated the architecture and the sculpture.




I mean, take a look at the underside of this roof. There are curved pieces of wood and there are perfectly cut pieces of wood that are placed together in a puzzle-piece manner that is so beautifully intricate. Can you imagine how this was even made without cranes or modern construction equipment. It’s so beautiful.


These are 500 Rakan statues, which line the steps leading up to the Buddhist temple. Each of them have unique facial expressions and the disciples of Buddha or Shaka Nyorai (the latter I could not determine the significance of). Each of these statues had their heads covered by hand-knit beanies…which I found to be hilarious.



After walking further north up another path, we stopped to enjoy the view and be stalked by a deer who really wanted some string cheese. The deer followed us for awhile but we were finally able to ditch the deer before it attacked us.





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