Miyajima: Senjokaku

We stopped for a bathroom and coffee break before moving on.

_DSC0804 _DSC0808_DSC0813 _DSC0843

After that lovely break, we walked to Hokokujinjahonden and Senjokaku (千畳閣). I had to take off my shoes before entering and moved around the wooden floors with my socks. I liked the feeling of the cold, old wood against my feet. According to WikiTravel, “The name [Senjokaku] means “1000 Mat Pavilion”, a fairly apt description of this gigantic wooden hall which doesn’t actually contain much other than empty space. It was originally built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1587, but left incomplete after his death. There’s also a picturesque 5-story pagoda (五重塔 Gojuto) next door.” The five story pagoda is pictured above and the gigantic wooden hall is pictured below._DSC0826

_DSC0822 _DSC0823 _DSC0827 _DSC0828

Did you see the emblems of deer?

_DSC0836 _DSC0848


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