Miyajima: Omotesando

On Thursday morning, we took a 30 minute train from Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi before taking a ferry to Miyajima Island (Hatsukaichi). We went to the cutest little cafe where we got some delicious coffee and then walked to the docks to take a ferry over to the island.




The ferry ride across the strait was so beautiful. The mountains, the sea, the clouds. Once arriving on the island, there were deer everywhere. Apparently they are wild which is impossible, technically, but there were indeed deer just walking around all over the place. And there were also people all over feeding food to these wild deer.

_DSC0627 _DSC0630

We stopped at a little shop that was selling fresh oysters. As in, they caught the oysters that morning about 20 feet away. I really wanted to like them. I love lobster, crabs, scallops, and more. I was expecting to like oysters. But I didn’t. It was like eating salt water. I felt like I had reached an arm into the sea and threw a bunch of salty sand in my mouth. I gave the rest of the oyster to Aly and ended up chipmunking the first bite for the next 5 minutes.

_DSC0631 _DSC0634

Isn’t Alex the cutest? We wandered around down Omotesando, the main shopping street, more trying new food and I went through various shops trying to find the best magnets and souvenirs.



This is apparently the world’s largest spatula, or rice paddle called shamoji, that is 5 meters long. The spoon was believed to be invented by a monk who lived on the island. The benefit of the spoon is that you can cook rice without altering the taste of the rice. These spoons (not the big one, smaller versions) are in every single store on the island.


Then we continued walking to see the rest of the island. Specifically, the great Torii., the Itsukushima Shrine, and Hokokujinjahonden.


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