After Akiyoshidai Cave

After walking through the Akiyoshidai Cave, we made our way out the other side and decided to walk back to the parking lot above the cave rather than through it again. After getting a general idea of where we needed to go, we started walking up and around the cave. First, Alex needed to practice some stair-climbing.After Akiyoshidai Cave 1

After Akiyoshidai Cave 2

After Akiyoshidai Cave 4

After Akiyoshidai Cave 3

After Akiyoshidai Cave 5

After Akiyoshidai Cave 6

After Akiyoshidai Cave 11

After Akiyoshidai Cave 8

After Akiyoshidai Cave 9

After walking for a bit we got to this flight of stairs which I was fairly certain led us back down to the walkway lined with shops. Low and behold, I was right and we made our way back to the car (after a brief stop for some ice cream).After Akiyoshidai Cave 10


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