Takeshita & Roppongi

After the Meiji Shrine, I decided to wander through the Harajuku district, specifically Takeshita Street, which is an area known for its shops, fast food store, and crepe stands all geared towards teenagers. Yes, there were an abundance of teenagers and the Japanese equivalents of Forever 21 and Claire’s. My goal was a Tokyo magnet and some food. I got one out of two.

Tokyo 1

I only took one photo of the street because I was nervous about my camera and I wanted to focus on enjoying the energy of the street. However, I highly encourage you to Google search “Takeshita Street” to get a better idea of the cool vibe of the street and the area.

While walking down the street, I saw a group of teenage girls with a cup in their hands and little straw shaped pastries or potatoes. I caught the name of the shop on the cup and proceeded to hunt that place down as it smelled delicious. I entered this amazing place called Calbee plus.

So, I have to preface my next few statements by saying that I do get tired of Europeans bashing Americans and their eating habits. American restaurants have more healthy options than any restaurant I’ve seen in Europe. American grocery stores have more organic, gluten-free, and quick-and-easy-healthy options than any grocery store in Europe. Regardless of this, Europeans constantly make fun of and criticize Americans for supposedly poor eating habits.

Americans haven’t even thought of the menu options that Calbee plus in Japan has: potato chips covered in maple syrup and cream cheese and potato chips covered in load of chocolate with soft-serve ice cream. Most of the other items on the menu were pretty normal: sour cream and onion potato chips, salt butter potato chips, and potato churros. Across the street was 3 crepe/ice cream shops selling at least 50 options for each. I stuck with the Calbee snacks and made my way back out to the metro.

Tokyo 2

I made my way to the National Art Center near Roppongi looking for a magnet as I was unsuccessful up to this point. The National Art Center had a really nice gift shop where there were, unfortunately, no magnets but there was an awesome coin purse which I’m still using now.

Then I wandered to the center of Roppongi and wandered through the shops before heading back to the hotel where I almost immediately ran into Aly on her way back from Legoland. A few hours later, we were on the train again to Hiroshima.
Tokyo 3


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