Kids Plaza Osaka

On Wednesday, March 4 (the day after the Osaka Aquarium and Osaka Castle), we went to the Kids Plaza Osaka. This is basically an indoor park/playground/play area for kids. There is one area that’s a miniature town where kids can go “shopping” and pretend to be postal workers and actually deliver mail. In the very center of this two-story indoor park is a tower that the kids can climb into. There’s also a slide, a science section, a musical section where you can play drums and even a little room where you can dress in traditional Japanese clothing.Osaka Indoor Playground 3

Osaka Indoor Playground 9

Osaka Indoor Playground 4

Osaka Indoor Playground 5

Osaka Indoor Playground 2

Osaka Indoor Playground 6

Osaka Indoor Playground 1

Osaka Indoor Playground 7After a lovely lunch, we all went to the outdoor playground right next to the Kids Plaza Osaka and went down the huge slide before we went back to the hotel and took the train to Tokyo!Osaka Indoor Playground 8


2 thoughts on “Kids Plaza Osaka

  1. Wow! What a blessing to spend so much fun time with family. Both boys are adorable. They must have been exhusted after such busy days.

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