Day 03: Paris


The morning of my last day in Paris, I made my way to the Arc de Triomphe. It took almost 40 minutes to get there via the metro but I arrived successfully. The thing is, there is this giant circle of cars just zipping around the center where the Arc de Triomphe is.


I didn’t see any signs showing how to get over there so I ended up wandering around and crossing too many streets before I finally found the underground tunnel to the Arc de Triomphe back where I originally came out of the metro.


After photographing way too many angles of the Arc de Triomphe, I made my way to Notre Dame. Dude, this place is gorgeous but crazy tiny. Disney totally made this place look about 20 times larger. I mean, if the Hunchback was actually dancing on top of the towers, every single person in the courtyard would point and scream.

Notre Dame

I have to say, the views were amazing but the staircases were insane. I had told myself beforehand that I should not rush but take my time on the way up so that I wouldn’t throw up at the top. Unfortunately, the older couple in front of me and the Asian tourist behind me were both basically running up the stairs. So, I was close to hyperventilating at the top.


The views and the beautiful architecture of the church was complete worth the climb. Take a look for yourself.

_DSC0907 _DSC0941 _DSC0964


There was the initial climb and then after about 15 minutes, there was another climb up to the top of the tower. We were only allowed up there for 5 minutes in total.


Notre Dame 2

The trip down the staircase of Notre Dame was quite dizzying. When reviewing the brochure for Notre Dame later, I saw that it advised against anyone with vertigo climbing the church. Oops. I had a bad case of vertigo a few years ago. That would explain why I felt while descending the stairs that, at any moment, I was going to accidentally fall down. I think every other person descending the stairs felt the same way, too.


Well, Notre Dame was the last “to-do” on my list for Paris, so, I basically just wandered trying to find a patisserie as the one I normally go to was closed. I’m not even going to tell this story as it’s kinda lame, but, in essence, I failed. I actually took five metro stops down away from Notre Dame but ended up right next to it again while trying to find a patisserie.


But I found a shop selling a waffle with dark chocolate on it. Great gravy, that was good. Not as good as the eclair.


_DSC0066 Notre Dame 3

So, then I went back to the apartment, packed my bag, took some photos of the apartment, and chilled until leaving for the airport.

_DSC0077 _DSC0081 _DSC0083


One thought on “Day 03: Paris

  1. Great pictures–glad you got to Paris. It was nice to see Notre Dame clean. When we were there many years ago they were cleaning the stones and only half of it was done.

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