Day 04, Part 01: Bern, Switzerland

Thursday morning I decided to hop on a train and go to Bern, Switzerland which boasted an astronomical clock and a beautiful old town area.

Day 04 01

I wrote this while riding the beautiful train through the amazingly gorgeous Switzerland countryside.

So, I just took the tram to the end of the line, which was the train station. At the train station, I followed a crowd of people as they passed the main building, seeing words and symbols that prompted me to not enter through any of the doors. Seeing an automated ticket machine, I waited in line and , once it was my turn, I pushed a series of buttons until I had selected RENENS VD to BERN via LAUSANNE.
Unfortunately, the ticket did not include any platforms or departing times. Fortunately, the ticket was a standard round-trip, leave and return whenever you want today, we don’t care, have a nice trip. I managed to find a few signs that left me confused enough that I decided to guess. I guessed platform 5 and a train pulled up a few minutes later and it thankfully took me to Lausanne. I got off the train at Lausanne, clueless about where to go next. After following the crowds (again), I finally saw a screen that said Platform 1 for Lausanne to Bern at 9:50a.

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This train ride was one of the most glorious and wonderful experiences. The ride was so relaxing and peaceful and surprisingly quick. The scenery was amazing. Absolutely amazing. After a few hours, I’m honestly not sure how long, I arrived at the train station and Bern. As I did not have a map and did not want to spend the money, I just guessed where to go. I eventually found the beautiful town center and the turquoise river.
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I walked from one side of the town to the other and across a bride over the river twice. I wandered in and out of several shops until I found a Bern magnet that I found suitable enough for our collection. I also bought a little music box that plays Edleweiss, one of Walter’s favorite songs.
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There were so many beautiful shops and doors with the most amazing products. I took dozens of photos of the outsides of these shops. They were probably my favorite part of the town. Before going back on the train back to Lausanne, I went into a small grocery store and asked for advice on what is the most typical Swiss chocolate. The attendants told me that Toblerone, a brand filled with chocolate mousse, and another brand that had chocolate with caramel were their standards. I ended up getting everything they suggested in dark chocolate. My absolute favorite was the dark chocolate bar with mousse.

Day 04 79

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I accidentally sat in first class for a period of time (hence the red seat) but the ticket checker person was nice enough to explain and direct me to 2nd class. They literally had no signs anywhere except on the platform which told me the section I was sitting in was 2nd. Regardless, the only difference I found was the sparsity in 1st class.

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