Day 03, Part 01: Lausanne

Day 03, Part 01: Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

I had decided to spend the better part of Wednesday exploring the city of Lausanne itself – the more touristy parts like the town center, the cathedral, etc. I took the normal route to Lausanne and began to wander. I had no real idea where I was going but I figured it might be in the general direction of the “Old Town” or town center.

Day 03 Combo 1I ended up wandering through a pretty extensive shopping district. Truth be told, I was also trying to find a Burger place that we had read about that had good reviews for cheap burgers. Unfortunately, I could not find this burger place. Fortunately, I stumbled onto what I think was a town center with a market selling fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, seafood, pastries and even a flea market as well.
Day 03 02
Here’s something I wrote in my journal while munching on a pastry I bought: “Part of me wishes Walter were here to enjoy the food and so that I could beg him to buy a big wheel of cheese and then talk me out of it.”Day 03 03Day 03 Combo 2I then walked up a flight of stairs to what looked like a pretty intense cathedral. Fortunately, I did find a marvelous cathedral with pretty spectacular views of the city. Unfortunately, I had to climb at least 3 long flights of stairs to get there, one of which was completely soaked because it was in the middle of being pressure-washed.
Day 03 Combo 3 Day 03 05 Day 03 06 Day 03 07I continued to wander around, hoping to find more pretty buildings or food or any real tourist areas so that I could buy a magnet. I wandered down a lot of random and mostly empty side streets. I hardly saw any tourists and I did not find one souvenir shop.
Day 03 09Day 03 11Day 03 16I continued to wander around, following signs marked “Centre” which led me into another shopping district. Thankfully, I was able to find a shop that sold some Switzerland magnets but I still found no real souvenir shops.
Day 03 18 Day 03 19Finally, after wandering down several side streets and giving up on ever finding the town centre, I actually found a little shop that sold a reasonable amount of different magnets and other souvenirs. I wouldn’t call it a souvenir shop, more of a Tabak (which is Czech for tobacco), a shop in the Czech Republic that sells what you would find at a gas station – cigarettes, drinks, newspapers, snacks, little souvenirs.
Day 03 17After wandering more downhill, I actually ended up at the train station. Tired and annoyed that I couldn’t seem to find the town center or any real souvenir or touristy locations, I went back to the hotel for lunch. Up next, Walter plays hooky and explores a bit more of Laussane with me!


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