Day 02, Part 02: Saint-Sulpice

Day 02, Part 02: Tuesday, July 22, 2014.
After visiting that little town center with the church, I began wandering downhill and followed the bus route hoping to catch one somewhere along the way.
Day 02 54Day 02 56 Day 02 57 Day 02 61I was quite distracted by cornfields, wildflowers, and other fields. I was actually bent over photographing the wasp on Queen Anne’s Lace (pictured above) which was right next to the bus stop when the bus zoomed right past me. As the next bus wasn’t expected for another 20 minutes, I continued walking in, what I thought was, the right direction. Thankfully, it was the right direction and I managed to take a bus that dropped me right in the middle of the tiny lakeside town of Saint-Sulpice.
Day 02 63One thing that I loved seeing while wandering through these suburbs, was that each house had taken a thin tube of metal and twisted it into a name that they attached to the front of their house, normally near the front door. A perfect example of this is pictured above: La Petite Maison.
Day 02 66 Day 02 Combo 03Day 02 68 Day 02 69 Day 02 70 Day 02 74Safe to say, I was quite tired after this. I went back to the bus stop and took it down until it met the metro. From there, I took the metro back to the hotel. As the weather was supposed to be a bit more cloudy and sunny the next day, I had plans to spend the day in the center of Lausanne. Next: Day 03, Part 01: Lausanne.


One thought on “Day 02, Part 02: Saint-Sulpice

  1. Hi, I’m reading a book by one of my favorite authors-Alan Furst. The setting is Paris and one of the Streets is named Place Saint Sulpice. It made me think of you. Love, Dzadzi

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