Day 02, Part 01: Ecublens

Day 02, Part 01: Tuesday, July 22, 2014.
I had the idea to walk south of the university to the coast (as the distance seemed minimal on Google Maps). After walking through the university and several parking lots, making my way around a large field, past a few bus stops… and once through a residential area, I was at the coast.
Day 02 04Day 02 06 Day 02 09Day 02 08After walking through the streets for awhile, I found a few parks, one of which ran right along the edge of the lake. It was essentially a narrow concrete walkway between the end of people’s lakefront properties and the lake itself. Occasionally, there would be a small peninsula with grass and a few benches but for the most part, it was this narrow walkway.
Day 02 18Day 02 15 Day 02 16 Day 02 19Day 02 21 Day 02 26 Day 02 30Day 02 Combo 01After I walked back to the university for lunch, I took the metro North hoping to find a large park that I had seen in Ecublens on GoogleMaps. I neglected to see the large highway on the map and then once I walked around it, I didn’t know where to find the park and everything I walked by was industrial or a giant mall (i.e. boring), so I took a random bus and jumped off when I saw these hay fields.
Day 02 39Day 02 41After wandering through these hay fields for a bit, I walked uphill towards a church steeple. While we’ve been living and traveling in Europe, it’s always been a good rule of thumb that, when in doubt, walk towards a church steeple. More often than not, you’ll find the center of town or an old town.
Day 02 43 Day 02 45 Day 02 46I did find a small town center, although there was nothing particularly exciting there. I was more interested in the unique doors, gardens, archways, architecture, and trees around people’s houses.
Day 02 49 Day 02 51 Day 02 Combo 02After this, I wandered towards the coast again – much farther away than I was expecting. Up next Day 02, Part 02: Saint-Sulpice


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