2nd Wedding Anniversary

This past Saturday was our (my hubs and I) 2 year wedding anniversary. We had specifically decided to go to the zoo and took the prescribed route: red line to Nádraží Holešovice and then stood outside waiting for Bus 112. About 20 seconds after we found the bus stop, another 60 people showed up. The bus was overcrowded as what felt like every person in Prague, their dogs, their children, and their imaginary friends piled on and the 6 stops seemed to take forever because of construction all along the way. When we finally got to the zoo, the line to buy tickets was out to the bus stop. They even had restaurants and concessions along the line where you could buy gelato or sausages.

I don’t do lines (or ques if you’re pretentious or British). I looked across the street and saw the Troja Castle…. so, we crossed the street and wandered through the grounds and gardens…for free!
_DSC0417 _DSC0423 _DSC0430 _DSC0465

_DSC0516 _DSC0520

Surprise! I didn’t even know this existed. After visiting the bookstore of the chateau/castle and purchasing a commemorative coin, we wandered uphill towards the botanical gardens.
_DSC0522 _DSC0523

…up a flight of stairs and then another flight of stairs..and then down a dirt road…

_DSC0527 _DSC0531And for only 50Kc each, we were able to have access to all open-air parts of the botanical gardens which was pretty much everything and the entire garden was huge. Giant. SO much bigger than the one in Amsterdam and well worth the cheap price. Like huge. Really really big.
_DSC0537 _DSC0570

I spent a majority of the time sticking my face/lens ridiculously close to swarms of bees while Walter made it his goal to hunt down every bit of shade.

_DSC0593 _DSC0644_DSC0717For awhile we relaxed in this amazing hammock. For the record, we don’t like the heat or the sun or the summer and so we deserve a lot of credit for venturing out in the middle of July. Regardless, we still plopped down in this hammock and opened up my umbrella to shelter us from the sunlight. Also, we’re totally putting one of these in our backyard one day. Walter apparently knows how to make one (like that’s new – he apparently knows exactly what knots are used and what each item on the
 hammock is). _DSC0666 _DSC0698 _DSC0765And after a lovely few hours of getting sunburned and learning that I would be an amazing beekeeper (seriously, that’s going to happen) while Walter should stick to science and knots, we went to Hooters. Don’t judge. They have the cheapest American food in town. Fourth of July hit us hard and we’re missing our home more than ever recently. Hooters weirdly helps.


One last photo – this was taken from the Botanical Gardens looking down on the Troja Chateau. We actually got lost in that circular (not-a-real-maze) hedge thing.


3 thoughts on “2nd Wedding Anniversary

  1. Rachel and Walter, You beat me to the punch. I was just sitting down to send you an email congratulating you on Your anniversary when I saw that your blog had come in. At any rate congratulations to you both. We hope that each one in the future is even better than the last one. We celebrated our 60th this past week. Love, MomMom and Dziadzi

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  2. Awesome, Happy Anniversary to you!!
    Thanks soooo very much for sharin’ your thoughts and pics w/us all, Jim and Monika

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