Botanical Garden

We had a hard time finding the botanical garden, We actually ended up walking around the entire thing before finding the entrance. It was like the Secret Garden and I wish I had a ladder so that I could just climb over the wall because the secret entrance was really secret…. (Man, now I want to watch that movie).
_DSC0112Sadly, even after we did find the entrance, the Botanical garden was kind of a let down… for me at least. I was expecting it to be much larger with fields of tulips and other flowers. The cafe and gift shop took up more space than any other one thing. And most everything else was housed in different greenhouses.
_DSC0108Regardless of my expectations, the flowers and plants were beautiful. I enjoyed taking macro photos of the flowers, seeing the wide variety of tulips, and experiencing different climates in the greenhouses.
_DSC0114 _DSC0116 _DSC0129_DSC0131 _DSC0133 _DSC0136I noticed that I hate dry heat (there was a greenhouse with a desert climate) but as soon as we entered the rain forest climate (humid heat), I felt total relief. Walter, on the other hand, preferred the dry heat and literally ran awayto get out of the rain forest greenhouse.
_DSC0148 _DSC0149_DSC0151 _DSC0166 _DSC0170 _DSC0171 _DSC0178 _DSC0188All in all, I think we were in and out of the Botantical Museum in 30-45 minutes. There was a butterfly house but Walter sternly shook his head no (again, he doesn’t like the wet heat), and we made for the exit through the gift shop.


One thought on “Botanical Garden

  1. Oh, what a wonderful time you guys took the time to share, pic, eating history 101 from your most recent trip! Enjoy…

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