Maritime Museum

Surprisingly, the Maritime Museum was by far the coolest museum that we went to. Whoever organized the exhibits made boats and everything related to boats super cool and interesting.

MARITIME MUSEUM_DSC0098For starters, there was a replica of a really cool boat… that you can climb into and push buttons… and as no one else was around, I ran around that boat pushing and pulling everything made for an excited 10 year old.
_DSC0016 _DSC0022 _DSC0053There were glass displays like the one below of different decorations you could find on boats. There was also an entire room about the evolution of nautical instruments. There was even an interactive presentation with an animated book that responded to the touch of your finger.
Boat roomcompassIn this room, there were monitors attached to the side of this glass display which you could pull along the side and as it settled over a specific boat, you could read about the boat, what culture is was used in, and some interesting facts about the specific type of boat. _DSC0087 _DSC0090There was also a really interesting room full of nautical artwork. In front of certain paintings was a listening device you could hold up to your ear and it would tell you a story about what is happening in the painting – for example, one told the story of a general who blew up his own ship while he was still inside.
_DSC0079 _DSC0083Really fascinating. I HIGHLY recommend that you visit this museum if you ever visit Amsterdam. My explanation does not do these exhibits justice. There were many more displays than I listed as well.
After the Maritime Museum, we made our way to the Botanical Gardens.


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