Amsterdam Zoo

After visiting Zaanse Schans we went to the Amsterdam Zoo!
_DSC0743I was pretty impressed with the wide variety of animals – from Madagascar, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Europe, North America, and Siberia. What was the animal from North America you ask? A raccoon. I just stood in front of the exhibit and laughed.
_DSC0747 _DSC0760_DSC0812 _DSC0820 _DSC0839_DSC0852 _DSC0873 _DSC0882 _DSC0944 _DSC0992There was one room that had GIANT fish from the Amazon. Walter and I reminisced about our adventures playing the Amazon Trail and catching the giant fish (that were about twice my size).
_DSC0034A little clown fish swam out of these anemones and I squealed like a little 7 year old.
_DSC0044After walking through the zoo, we wandered around the city a little bit more, ate at a Burger place, got some ice cream, and then looked at the movie times. We decided to go back to the flat and nap and then go see the movie afterwards. When we got back it was 5:30pm…and when we woke up, it was morning.


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