Zaanse Schans

We woke up around 7:30, ate breakfast at our flat, bought a ticket at the train station around 8:30 and scrambled to the right platform to wait for the train. After a 30 minute train ride, we were at the Zaanse Shanse train station by 9:15am.
_DSC0471The beautiful windmill town was not right next to the train station. We had to walk through a small town that smelled like cocoa powder and then cross a bridge but then we entered the beautiful town of Zaanse Schans.

crossing the bridge
crossing the bridge

_DSC0518 _DSC0519 _DSC0561With our Iamsterdam card, we were able to enter the museums for free/included in the price. We climbed up some rickety, steep ladders and stood on some unsettling boards. One woman climbed 90% up the ladder, looked down at her husband directly below her and said, “I’m not going all the way up. If I do, I won’t come back down and I’ll have to live up there.”_DSC0571 _DSC0589 _DSC0602This town even had this AMAZING cheese farm where we bought 5 POUNDS of Gouda. So good. So good. So good. I love me some Dutch Gouda. Then we went to a pancake place. Walter got a savory pancake of bacon and cheese while I got one with apples and cinnamon. They were still basically crepes. All “pancakes” in Europe are essentially crepes. Which is so ridiculously disappointing.

_DSC0627After eating, we wandered through some souvenir shops… and by this time, it was crazy crowded with annoyingly idiotic tourists blocking narrow paths so went home on the train at 12:24pm.
_DSC0629 _DSC0632 _DSC0649 _DSC0662 _DSC0663 _DSC0675So, after spending 4 hours in this little town, we were exhausted. More to come back in Amsterdam!


One thought on “Zaanse Schans

  1. Love your windmill pictures and so glad that you are getting to see more of Europe. Love, Dziadzi

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