Amsterdam: Rembrandt House

We quickly hurried to the Rembrandt House, one of the only museums on the list open until 6pm. After checking our backpack into a locker, we sat down in the middle of a video about Rembrandt’s life. It was…a bit sordid…but who am I to judge? Thankfully, Rembrandt’s artwork was remarkable, amazing, fantastic, and overwhelming.

For example, in the photo below (which doesn’t do the painting justice) you see a seemingly boring still life. I was blown away by how realistic everything looked though. If I wasn’t severely trained by my parents not to touch everything, I would have picked up the bowl in that painting. What’s even more remarkable is that below the painting in the display case are the actual pieces of pottery that Rembrandt painted. They were excavated from his backyard. To be frank, how cool is that?! Also, this was just the first thing that we saw – we still had the rest of the entire house to go through!

_DSC0412The room below was Rembrandt’s wife’s room, I believe. I honestly care more about the paintings then the room though.
_DSC0417Rembrandt apparently had a desire to travel the world – one which he wasn’t able to fulfill. Instead, he collected a ton of random archaeological items from all over the world. Unfortunately, at the brink of bankruptcy at one point in his life, he had to sell all of these prized possessions. The museum was able to find and reaquire many of the items though.
_DSC0420Below is where a demonstration takes place showing how Rembrandt mixed his paints. _DSC0422Pictured below is Rembrandt’s studio – he apparently found the lighting there exactly perfect. 
At one point during our perusal of the house, Walter turned to me with his eyebrows furrowed and said, “Why does everyone call him Rembrandt? Isn’t that his first name? Shouldn’t we call him by his last name instead? Like every other artist in the world?” My answer: “Probably because no one would be able to say or remember Harmenszoon van Rijn.”

Rembrandt was obsessed with perfecting his etching skills. The museum had a little studio where people could learn his technique and produce some of their own etchings.
_DSC0426Pictured below is a gallery of some of his etchings._DSC0428Following after the woman taking close-up shots of the etchings with her iPad, I screwed on my macro lenses and shot some of my own photos of Rembrandt’s beautiful etchings.
_DSC0430 _DSC0432 _DSC0437Below is the house (converted into a museum) that Rembrandt lived in for quite a long time.
_DSC0454After this, we walked around some more, ate dinner… and decided to go see a movie. As we are not “night life” people but we didn’t want to just go back to the apartment as it was only 6:30 or so…. we watched Divergent. An action movie for girls! I say that because there was a little bit too much romance/implied romance for my taste. Worth the watch though. It was funny watching how the Dutch were reacting to all of the scenes.

This building below is a bar from 1695 (you can see it printed on the building itself). Unfortunately, as it sits on wooden supports, the building has begun to lean over time as the wooden beams get wet and weaken.
_DSC0456This clock tower on the right has four different clock faces each with a slightly different time on them. We walked by this tower several times and whenever it rang, it always rang off key and multiple times in a row as one clock face has 6:15:00 and another had 6:15:05 and another 6:14:55… every time we heard that off-key ringing, we always looked at each other and laughed._DSC0467Coming up next – Zaanse Schans!


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