Amsterdam: The Museum Van Loon

After wandering through the streets a bit, we made our way to a rich old person’s house and gardens – The Museum Van Loon.
_DSC0153A beautiful view out this window to the gardens and the carriage house on the other side of it._DSC0158 _DSC0160This is a replica of a kitchen from the 1700s (if I’m remembering correctly). I love the blue cabinetry. _DSC0161 _DSC0163While, in general, the paintings, furniture, and rooms in general were beautiful…there was an art display that was super creepy and quite out of place. See for yourself in the photo below (the unframed canvas paintings).
_DSC0180 _DSC0187 _DSC0193After this, we went to a place called Village Bagels where we enjoyed a peanut butter bagel and a bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese. Yum. Yum. Yum.
_DSC0209 _DSC0210Coming up next – a canal cruise!


4 thoughts on “Amsterdam: The Museum Van Loon

  1. Always enjoy all your blogs and pictures–some bring memories back from the time we were there
    miss u and love you

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