Grand Opening of Embroidery Shop on Etsy

Lately I’ve been pretty homesick – missing America and the people living there. I needed something to do that would distract me and fool me into thinking I was being productive…. hence embroidery.

I’ve always loved DIY projects, crafting, and photography. I love creating things with my hands. It really came in full force in preparation for my wedding in 2012. I went DIY craft crazy (see below for photos). I handmade the boutonnieres, favors, backdrops, bouquet, and more. After moving to Prague, the crafting came to a sudden halt. Recently I’ve become quite homesick and I started to craft sending finished items to friends in the States. They liked the embroidery so much that I decided to open a shop to send my embroidery goodness to more people worldwide.
Wedding Craft Mash-Up Wedding Mash-Up

Last night marked the launch of my Etsy shop called WithLoveFromPrague.

Pictured below are the items that I currently have listed on my Etsy shop. I take custom orders and there are more ideas in progress that will be up on the Etsy shop and shared via Instagram (@abroadinprague) over time. If you would prefer to not send orders via Etsy contact me via email –
_DSC0215 _DSC0309 _DSC0016 _DSC0009 _DSC0228 _DSC0246Here’s a link to my Etsy shop:
Here’s a link to my embroidery blog:


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