Last weekend we traveled to Bratislava, Slovakia. No offense to Bratislava but nearly everyone told us that Bratislava was boring which made our expectations were very low. We stayed at someone’s apartment that we found via airbnb. After we were settled in the apartment on Friday afternoon, we took a walk around town.

_DSC0023 _DSC0032 _DSC0064 _DSC0076 _DSC0103
On Friday night we ate at the highly recommended Slovak Pub – a very nice and affordable place. We ordered some authentic Slovak dishes [Potato dumplings with oštiepok (smoked sheep cheese) and bacon, Pork schnitzel wrapped in potato batter with cheese, and Bryndza pierogi (turnovers) with bacon and dill], which were absolutely delicious. We spent a few hours there watching the Winter Olympics.

The next morning we went to visit the Slavin War Memorial and on the way up, we stumbled upon a Benihana (Japanese hibachi) along the way. As soon as we saw it, we decided to definitely go there for dinner that night._DSC0198_DSC0206
After visiting Slavin, we made our way to the Bratislava Castle. I think the house in the above photo was the Addams Family house before they moved to the States._DSC0230 _DSC0239 _DSC0272 _DSC0312
This guy in the above photo was a random guy who liked to sit in manholes and look up ladies’ skirts as they walked by. For some reason, Bratislava decided to immortalize this creepy peeper._DSC0343
After visiting the Castle, we walked around Old Town a bit more and as it began to rain, we went to this mall: EUROVEA.
That night we went to Benihana – an amazing reminder of Japanese hibachi that we miss so much in the States. Walter got steak and shrimp and I got the Seafood Diablo with shrimp, scallops, and squid with udon noodles.
_DSC0346 _DSC0379
In the above photo is the inside of a trolleybus (a bus that is connected to electricity like a tram).
Also, the dolls in the below photos are super super super creepy. We returned home on Sunday morning.


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