Hergetova Cihelna

Recently, my husband found a good deal on a five-course tasting menu at a fancy restaurant through Lime & Tonic. Last night, we went to Hergetova Cihelna which is next to the Franz Kafka Museum right on the Vltava River with the Charles Bridge in view. Considering that I probably won’t have another fancy meal like this for another year or two, I’m going to pretend I’m a food critic and make you envious of this meal._DSC0023
_DSC0025The view out the window from our table: The Charles Bridge (Karlův most).
_DSC0065Pictured below is the special five-course menu.
_DSC0028The meal started with amazing breadsticks with a garlic olive oil dip. The breadsticks were crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. They were a nice addition to the five course tasting menu.
_DSC0027The first part of the five course menu was a spinach and arugula salad with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, grated parmesan, and a garlic dressing. While I am not normally a fan of salad dressings (as they tend to be overrun with sugar), it was wonderful – not overwhelming or soaking the salad greens while still offering a good amount of flavor. The sun dried tomatoes were a perfect addition as well. Neither my husband or I were fans of olives though.
_DSC0031The second course was tiger prawns with a ginger-garlic beurre blanc, a baked tomato, and arugula. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what a beurre blanc is but it was amazingly delicious. The tomato paired with a bite of a prawn melted into each other. The juice of the tender tomato blended perfectly with the prawns.
_DSC0037When the third course arrived, I was surprised with a fairy garden! It was tempura fried tuna with a wasabi-potato puree on top of a gari-veal jus and a delightful side of enoki mushrooms. The tuna was wonderfully tender with a nice crunch from the tempura. The wasabi-potato puree had only a hint of wasabi which was a nice subtle flavor. While I am not normally a fan of mushrooms, these essentially reminded me of salad greens.
_DSC0043According to the description, this fourth course was a Burger Royal with foie gras, onion compote, truffle mayonnaise, homemade fries, and one onion ring. This burger was, literally, the best burger I have ever had. The truffle mayo was superb while the fries and (one) onion ring were both quite good as well – a nice crunch but still soft and tasty on the inside. Back to the burger, it was heaven for my taste buds. I both wanted to devour it all at once and nibble on it to make it last as long as possible.
_DSC0052Finally, the fifth course was a bit overwhelming. It was baked pineapple with homemade vanilla ice cream and spiced caramel. While the vanilla ice cream was wonderfully creamy especially when paired with the crunch of the baked crumble below, the pineapple was ridiculously sweet. The sweetness was significantly reduced when paired with the ice cream though.
_DSC0062After eating, we took a nice walk along the Charles Bridge and then through Old Town Square on the way home.
_DSC0083_DSC0092 Petrin & Old Town _DSC0138 _DSC0143
Hergetova Cihelna
 Cihelná 2b, Praha 1
Located within the same courtyard of the Franz Kafka Museum, this lovely restaurant is set alongside the Vltava River within view of the Charles Bridge. This restaurant is part of the Kampa Group, an organization of restaurants dedicated to offering premium dining choices. The cost is above reasonable but below expensive in price but well worth the splurge.

Find out more about the five-course menu special from Lime & Tonic here: http://www.limeandtonic.com/prague/en/experiences/2171/prague-hergetova-cihelna-tasting-menu

*Please not that this post is in no way endorsed by Lime & Tonic or Hergetova Cihelna or the Kampa Group. The purpose of this post is to enlighten the residents and visitors of Prague to the wonders of this great deal and five-course meal.

And just so your mouth can water all over again… here is a compilation of the five-course tasting menu:
Food Combos


3 thoughts on “Hergetova Cihelna

  1. Delicious!! The presentation was excellent–wish I was there to enjoy the meal with you. We miss you –have Avery HAPPY NEW YEAR Love MomMom

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