Budapest, Sunday

The forecast said sunny/cloudy. It was not sunny/cloudy on Sunday. In fact, it was nearly pouring down rain and I still didn’t have an umbrella. First, we tried the Tesco near our hostel and after asking three people there where to find an umbrella, one of them suggested the metro station. We went down to the nearest metro station and asked a few people down there when one person suggested finding one at a mall a few stops down on the metro. FINALLY, we made it to the mall and wandered through it, looking in the windows of shops that weren’t open yet because it was only 9 in the morning.

We decided that it was annoying walking in the rain and so we…stayed…in….the mall…for most of the day. Stop yelling. Please don’t yell at me. The rain was so annoying. Yes, we traveled all the way to Budapest to wander in a mall and then watch the latest Thor movie. Apparently, they have assigned seating. The theater was pretty great actually.

We had lunch down in their food court which was great. From what we’ve noticed in Prague, the “food courts” are essentially sectioned off restaurants in a big room. McDonald’s has it’s own space, and so does KFC and the rest. We once sat in the wrong area and someone asked us to move/leave. They also have a strange way of “throwing away” food. You just slip your tray with all of the trash onto this rack and the attendants take care of the rest. In the mall in Budapest, it was like America. It was one big open space and no one cares where you sit. You also clean off the tray and throw away the trash in a trash can. Walter got some Chinese from a place called Wok ‘N Go which is the closest he’s had to the “New York style” Chinese since leaving the States. I had some delicious falafel and hummus from a restaurant called Hummus Point, a vegetarian place, which was ironically connected to a place called Meat Point.

_DSC0137I keep on hearing this and the more cities I visit, the more I agree: There is no public transportation system like the one in Prague. This was like a re-purposed train car. It sounded horrible and, when I first saw the car pull into the station, I wasn’t sure if it was going to make it.
_DSC0146After the movie, we walked around in the rain, exploring a bit.
_DSC0149But then we got cranky again and made our way home.
_DSC0156We were smart this night and spent a little time researching where to eat before we went wandering around.
_DSC0160We ended up going to Bécsiszelet Vendéglő which is just down the street from our hostel. It was a “hole in the wall” kind of place. We wanted a good Hungarian meal with some good Hungarian beer.
_DSC0164And that’s what we got. I ordered chicken stuffed with apple and cheese. The waiter was lovely and suggested a side of mashed potatoes to go with it. Walter got wiener schnitzel with a side of cabbage and potato salad. We both had some Hungarian beer which we both agreed was better than Pilsner (but not as good as Kozel Cerny).
_DSC0171Then we went to the hostel, watched an episode of Big Bang Theory, and then went to sleep…early.
_DSC0174_DSC0177 _DSC0180_DSC0188_DSC0193 _DSC0195And yes, we eventually found an umbrella. But, of course, we then saw umbrellas everywhere after that.

RESTAURANTS: Wok ‘N Go (on the ground floor of a mall in Nyugati pályaudvar/West End) I tasted a bit of the duck Walter ordered and it was delicious. The crunch of the skin, the tenderness of the meat, the taste of the sauce was superb.

Hummus Point (on the ground floor of a mall in Nyugati pályaudvar/West End) The plate was loaded with hummus. It didn’t look like much but when I started eating it, it was a lot. The falafel was good and it came with a pita freshly made. Okay but the sanitation habits of the staff I was watching worried me.

Bécsiszelet Vendéglő (Üllői út 16a) The service here was great. The waiter was attentive but not hovering. He made great recommendations suggesting the side of potato salad to Walter because the wiener schnitzel can be a bit dry and the wetness of the salad compliments it well. The prices were quite good considering the size of the meal. Walter’s wiener schnitzel was brought out on it’s own very large plate. And that was just the regular size…they also have a giant size.


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