Budapest, Saturday

We took a bus from Prague to Budapest (via Brno, Bratislava, and some town in the middle of Hungary). The trip took about 8 hours (leaving at 7:30 am and arriving around 2pm).
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We took the metro to our hostel where we checked in, unpacked, and then ventured out again. It got dark pretty quickly though with the sun setting around 4 or 4:30 pm.
_DSC0026 arrow with our roomWhile the wandering was enjoyable at first, it started raining/drizzling once the sun set and we spent quite a bit of time trying to find a restaurant. Just any restaurant where we could sit down inside and eat for a reasonable price.
_DSC0036For some reason, despite seeing the weather forecast, I had forgotten an umbrella. So, I was pretty wet from the rain. Walter had some sense to bring/wear a rain jacket but we still both had headaches and were pretty frustrated at how difficult it was to find a decent restaurant.
_DSC0039We were really confused. We walked down street after street with nothing. No restaurants. The occasional pub or bar. Little grocery stores. One street had three pubs, a fancy restaurant, and five to-go places. The next three streets after that had nothing. Not one restaurant. It was pretty bizarre.
_DSC0056We walked around a good part of the city finding bars, pubs, tiny eateries with no seating, crazy-expensive places where people were wearing suits, and even tried some recommendations told to us by the staff at the hostel. Finally, we stumbled on the “Good Bar Good Burger”. It was a godsend.
_DSC0069Walter ordered a jalapeno burger and I ordered a cheeseburger. Both came with fries and an amazing salad with a tangy but sweet dressing. I also may have ordered a chocolate milkshake. _DSC0083Thankfully, this place was only two blocks from our hostel. After eating, we went to our room at the hostel, watched an episode of Big Bang Theory and went to sleep by 7 pm. We both agreed that we were okay with the “old married couple” persona.
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BUS: Student Agency ( – Priced better/cheaper than trains as long as it’s around or under an 8 hour trip. For longer trips, each seat has it’s own individual television with a choice of movies and TV shows to watch. They supply headphones and a choice of drink for free (hot chocolate, cappuccino, or tea).

HOSTEL: Goat Hostel (Vámház körút 15) – Very nice/accommodating staff. We had a private room. There was a door between us and the next room but it was covered and boarded up pretty well. There was a shared bathroom (separate toilet and shower). Unfortunately, the bathroom was very small and had a pretty creepy poster of pets dressed up as famous people. There was a complimentary breakfast every morning which was cereal and toast with jam. In addition, there was a common room with access to computers and internet.

RESTAURANT: Good Bar Good Burger (Kecskeméti utca 6) – The menu was mainly burgers with some interesting starter/appetizer choices (different brucshettas). There was also some milkshakes and a delicious apple pie. The service was good, and the prices and atmosphere were decent. The music was… interesting but a tad too loud for my taste. I recommend stopping by if you want to try a good burger.


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