NaNoWriMo + Bowling

It’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)…and also No-Shave November but that’s unrelated. Long story short – I’m writing a novel this month. Writing 1,600+ words a day (besides working 40+ hours a week, eating, sleeping, cleaning, etc) will make it so that I won’t have much time for photography.
_DSC0172Having written nearly 14,000 words so far, I am a bit behind but I needed to spend the day bowling and figuring out my plot. I know what you’re thinking, “Fourteen THOUSAND words in and you don’t know your plot?” Yes, I’m weird like that. Plotting is not my strong-suit. When it comes to writing, I spend time getting to know my characters, talking with them, interviewing them… and then they tell me what to write. I’ll think a scene will end in a happy hug and then all of a sudden someone just got shot. Do I sound schizophrenic? Good.

Here’s the bowling:
_DSC0187 _DSC0194 _DSC0191


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