Vitkov: The Walk Up

I actually went here (to Vitkov) in the middle of snowy January with my friend Danielle who has sadly moved back to Canada. See that post here.


As I said in that blog post, you can see the National Monument (giant horse statue on a hill near the TV tower with babies climbing up) from essentially anywhere in the center-ish of Prague.
_DSC0039When traveling through Prague, you can easily regain your sense of direction by looking for one of four places: Petrin Tower, Prague Castle, the TV Tower, or the National Monument. Good luck actually getting to the National Monument though. It’s positioned atop a cliff.
_DSC0042Instead of making our way up a steep slope or climbing an extremely long flight of stairs, we took Tram 09 to the Ohrada stop, walked over a highway, and then slowly made our way to the monument from behind.
_DSC0060_DSC0044 _DSC0046 _DSC0050


4 thoughts on “Vitkov: The Walk Up

  1. I go skating here. There’s an excellent track down below and it’s really quiet – not crowded at all. Hmmm – maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

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