Military Cemetery

Vojenská Pohřebiště (Military Cemetery)
_DSC0006This outing started out on the wrong foot. We got all the way to Vitkov. I took out my camera and there was no SD card in my camera or my bag. Disappointing. Severely so. We managed to maneuver our way over to the Flora shopping center where we bought a new SD card (as my old ones were on the fritz anyway).
_DSC0008And it took us a disappointingly long time to make our way back to Vitkov…so we ended up walking part of the way and stopped at this Military Cemetary across from Olšanské Hřbitovy.
_DSC0010 _DSC0013On the plus side, the Flora shopping center is actually really awesome and we will be making a return there.
_DSC0015 _DSC0017We eventually got to Vyton but that comes later.
_DSC0019 _DSC0023 _DSC0025


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