Dlouha Walk

On the Saturday before last we decided to go for a walk before we did our normal shopping at the Tesco at Andel.
_DSC1327We walked through Prague 01 along the River and through the Jewish Quarter towards Old Town Square, which we avoided. Then we saw Bohemia Bagel (Masná 2)…and the hubs and I split an egg and cheese bagel with bacon. So good. We’re definitely going to go back there for some pancakes and maple syrup.
_DSC1334A majority of these pictures were taken on a street named Dlouha that connects Old Town Square with Namesti Republiky. That street has some awesome doors.
1331 & 1325For some reason I had the song, “On the Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady. And every time I sang, “People stop and stare/It don’t bother me” Walter would come up behind me and start being crazy with the PDA. It took me awhile to catch on to what he was doing though.
1341 & 1343Also – just to freak out my mom – they had a tattoo parlor on this street that we checked out as I’m looking to get a tattoo in the future-ish.
_DSC1350And then it got really hot and we got irritated and we went underground.
1345 & 1346This past weekend was much less eventful. Besides the fact that I stepped on a piece of glass and I had to dig it our of my foot and we both had headaches/ were cranky the entire week.


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