For the past three weekends, Walter and I have spent our time sitting directly in front of fans and whining about the heat. In case you don’t know, there is no such thing as central air conditioning (or even really air conditioning) in Europe. In other words, we were dying. After much prayer and several storms, cooler weather arrived and we ventured to Vysehrad in Prague 05. In December, I had gone to Vysehrad with my friend Kinsey: click here. But I like seeing/watching/listening to things thirty million times so a second visit for me was perfectly acceptable.
_DSC1114Walter kept on pretending to be Gollum and he even crouched on the ground and did an impression…which was freakishly accurate. I told him to put his Gollum impressions in a deep dark cave where no one will ever find them.
Pictured above is the oldest rotunda of St. Martin from the 11th Century (Thank you, Wikipedia). 
_DSC1136Pictured above is some church you have to pay money to get into. (Church of St. Peter and Paul)
_DSC1149 _DSC1154 _DSC1168 _DSC1172Pictured above is the Czech Yacht Club. We were confused. _DSC1173 _DSC1185 _DSC1202This wooden bridge made me pretty nervous and I kept on saying that I wished a train would pass over the bridge while we were on it but then a train DID go on the bridge while we were on it and I had a slight panic attack as I imagined us falling into the dirty river below with the train on us. Then Walter told me that if a train went over safely, we probably weren’t going to fall in. And I was good.
_DSC1211On our way home, we passed by a Staropramen brewery and it smelled like unpasteurized beer for blocks. I loved how they put the advertisement on the bridge/connection between the two buildings. 
_DSC1156If Walter looks angry, it’s because we tried to take this photo 3 dozen times but my camera/memory card got mad at me and kept on erasing the photos we took…and it was hot and the sun was directly on us and Walter squints too much…and we don’t like being those tourists who take photos of each other but never have any photos together. We think that’s lame.


4 thoughts on “Vysehrad

  1. Hi. This is Aunt Bob. I like this of you two. He doesn’t look really too mad, patiently annoyed. Love your pics and comments. I’ll check in every so often. God bless you both.

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