Bug Whisperer Strikes Again!

Week 30, 2013: Bug Whisperer Strikes Again!

Apparently there’s a “bug” going around the office and I caught it. Walter equated my new office to a preschool minus the immense overusage of cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. Last Friday my throat was sore and then it got a lot worse over the weekend. Sadly, this was the same weekend of Walter’s birthday. I thought I was better on Monday but Tuesday hit me like a hard brick and it also hit three other people in the office. I was told to work from home until I got better. Now this nasty cough has developed and isn’t going away…
_DSC0718And now for a horribly cliche segue…Speaking of “bugs”…a few weeks ago I was walking to the metro after one of my classes and I stumbled upon a cacophony of insects. I found beetles and bees and ladybugs and ants but I really only liked the ones of the ladybugs. I say “again” because I had a similar encounter with bugs/insects in May of last year: click me.
Ladybug walking over the edge of a leaf Ladybug on the tip of a leaf Ladybug on a flower Ladybug Walking up a Stem Ladybug Walking into the Leaf
Ladybug and Ant on a leaf


2 thoughts on “Bug Whisperer Strikes Again!

  1. Wow, nice pic as well as last yrs pic and family get together time…thanks for sharin’! The camera you use is it bought here in the states or aboard?

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I bought my camera on eBay in the States. It was he of those refurbished or wholesale packages or something. It was four years ago I bought it…so that was all I could afford in college. It’s a Nikon D90. Thanks for following!

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