Week 28, 2013: Anniversary

For the past few weeks, Walter has been hinting at an anniversary surprise (as Friday was our 1st wedding anniversary), which is weird because this man cannot keep any secrets from me. It’s literally impossible. He’s the kinda person that gets so excited about surprising me that he’ll just tell me what I’m getting a few days (or months) in advance. Therefore, him being able to keep 99% of the surprise to himself is surprising and impressive enough.
_DSC1023It started on Friday afternoon the minute I finished work. He met me outside and we went for a tram ride. We took the 22 up by the castle and wandered around taking photos for awhile.
Door and PetrinWe even encountered a church with a disturbing amount of statues that gave me heebie-jeebies as they were most definitely weeping angels. Whovians – you know what I’m talking about: sheer horror. Plus, Walter kept on making these frightfully irritating giggly noises and shuffling his feet like creepy children make in horror movies. Like I was scared enough of the dark already. Thanks, hon.
Weeping AngelsAnd just after I said how much I missed talking to Americans, we ran into this huge group of high school seniors from Kansas who were trying to figure out how to get to Petrin. Me, being me, turned around and said, “Are you trying to get to Petrin?” Then we talked for about 20 minutes. It was so great talking with Americans. They’re so great.
CowboysAfter this, Walter and I walked to a 4-star restaurant called Cowboys where he had made reservations. I don’t recall ever being in a restaurant this nice. We were led upstairs to the rooftop terrace (that’s right) and we were seated at a table normally for 4 because Walter had pre-ordered their sampler platter which included 800g of meat and unlimited vegetables and sides. We had two sliders, a Rib-eye, a Filet Million, and a NY strip. Two of those steaks were from New Zealand and the third was from Brazil. We also had some sauces with them including a béarnaise and a green peppercorn. Honestly, I don’t know what most of things are but they tasted amazing.
_DSC1035We watched the sun go down with the light reflecting off the buildings in the distance and hear some hilarious older Brits behind us talk about how they got stoned…and this one guy from their table kept on getting up with his glass of wine trying to find the bathroom. He wandered around for at least 30 minutes. It was like our own personal BBC comedy. When our food arrived, this couple, that was sitting at the table across from us, literally stared at us for at least 20 minutes while we were eating. They definitely wished they had gotten what we had gotten.
Strahov MonastaryThen Walter took me to the Cafe Louvre for dessert. Apparently people such as Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka used to visit this cafe quite frequently. I loved the Art Deco styling and the old-fashioned cash register. Walter ordered a strawberry milkshake and I got an Irish coffee (I liked the Irish better than the coffee).
Strahov and StreetOn the way home, we saw eight Germans on the side of the street wearing full-on lederhosen while eating burritos. It was the perfect end to an amazing anniversary.


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