Week 27B, 2013: Plzen

If you’re going to travel to a city, it would make sense to visit the brewery that made it famous….so, we did. For 190Kc ($9.50), we got a tour of the Pilsner Urquell bottling plant, the historical brew room, modern brew room, the cellars, a few short videos, and a taste of some unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell from the bottom of a giant barrel in one of the 14kms of underground tunnels. Pilsner Urquell BreweryThis brewery is about the size of the rest of the city. We had to take a bus to the bottling plant.Old and New Brew HousesAt one point we took an elevator, which is the largest personal elevator in the Czech Republic, up a few flights and on the way up, I heard someone say, “We could fit the entire cast of the Biggest Loser in this elevator.”
Underground CellarsAlso, during our walk through a portion of the 14km worth of underground cellar we kept on hearing this ominous knocking in the distance. My imagination convinced me it was some kind of underground troll whose kingdom we had invaded and who was coming back for revenge. Thankfully, it was just some dude from our tour who got left behind.
Magnet Tower Train Old Brew HouseAfter the tour of the brewery, we made our way to the gift shop where we bought two Pilsner Urquell glasses which we’ve been using for beer drinking the past week as well as a magnet that looks eerily similar to one our friends, Kelsey.

Street Combo

Unfortunately, the armory we visited didn’t allow photos which was a shame due to the fact that there were so many bad-ass 15th and 16th century weapons and armor. It was pretty cool. Then we walked up three flights of stairs to look at the porcelain exhibit which was pretty boring except for this one giant urn (labeled for potpourri) that had realistic flowers and bugs. I almost swatted at the beetle on the front.
Tree Street BuildingThe end of the day was very strange…when we were eating dinner at Jadran (Bezručova 9), the waiter came back with our beers and while awkwardly reaching over the table to get the coasters, he spilled one all over Walter’s right side. That really wasn’t the worst part…it was even more weird sitting at the table for over 10 minutes waiting for him to clean up the mess while we sat at a wet table with glass everywhere. On a more positive note, we both realized that we like dark beer A LOT.
Bus Stop and The Way HomeI need to preface this next little story with this: Disney creates unrealistic ideas about woodland creatures. They convince you that if you’re pretty enough and have a decent voice, they will clean up after you and land on your arms singing with you. Well, all of that said, we were waiting at the bus station for our return trip to Prague and a bird flew down near my feet, hopped around for a moment, and jumped up onto the bench about one foot away from me. At first I thought it was cool….until it nearly flew up into my face in an effort to peck my eyeballs out. Safe to say, I squealed like a girl in a horror movie who saw her shadow. But the stupid bird kept on coming back… Alfred Hitchcock was right. Beware of the birds. Now I flinch every time I see a stupid bird. Thanks, Disney.


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