Week 27A, 2013: Plzen

First of all, Happy (late) 4th of July/Independence Day, America. I wanted to celebrate your birthday but I had to work and they don’t sell mass amounts of fireworks here. But I drank some beer in your honor. 🙂
Way to PlzenThis was our first trip out of Prague in 8 months and it was really needed. We took the metro to the last stop on the yellow line and then took a Student Agency bus to Plzen/Pilsen (about a half hour on the metro and an hour from there). I’m a “stare out the window” traveler.
Memorial SynagogueHotel and Park _DSC0806When we took road trips as a family when I was younger, I would bring a ton of books and other activities but I would mainly just stare out the window. The bus attendant played two episodes of Friends dubbed in Czech, gave Walter a free hot chocolate, and before we knew it we were pulling into Plzen.
Door and Colorful BuildingsBefore we left, I had printed out a map of the city and a Wikipedia article on the city with recommendations for sites, cafes, and restaurants. We meandered for awhile making our way towards the city centre, passing an opera house and the Great Synagogue (the third largest in the world) on the way. We had also packed some snacks so we stopped in a small park, snacking on some banana chips and fig newtons.
St Bartholomew's CathedralWalter and I are strange travelers. We don’t need to climb to the top of the church with the tallest spire (102.6m) in the Czech Republic (St. Bartholomew’s Church), we don’t need to visit every museum, or stay overnight… We are content with three things: walking/exploring the city, taking photographs, and eating good food.
Row of Houses Pond DoorAs we were wandering the city, we kept on seeing the Great Synagogue in the distance. We would turn down a street and there it would be at the end of the block. We also kept on ending up at this creepy hotel called the Hotel Continental. We felt like we were in the Twilight Zone or an MC Escher painting.

Door and Yellow BuildingWe ate lunch at The Pub (there is a location in Prague as well)…a restaurant where there is a tap at the table. You choose your beer from the electronic screen, pull a little lever, and pour whatever amount of beer you like straight from the tap. We had the restaurant to ourselves as we went in only a few minutes after it opened. Walter got the chicken schnitzel (great) and I got a pork burger (mediocre).
Building Flowers BeesMore tomorrow…including the Pilsner Urquell brewery.


2 thoughts on “Week 27A, 2013: Plzen

  1. Nice pics, they remind us of antique postcards. Glad you take the time and send them our way. Jim had a question is that an amish beard (from your main squeeze?)

    1. Sure thing! Well, I love taking photos – sharing them with is an added bonus. And yes, that is an Amish beard. Walter isn’t Amish per se…but I would say that he has taken significant steps towards the Amish community – the beard is one. Partaking of their delicious cheeses is another.

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