Week 26, 2013: Cool Door

I have a strange obsession with doors, gates, arches, garage doors – essentially any kind of entryway. I honestly have no idea why. I’m hoping that it will be akin to C.S. Lewis’ obsession with a picture of a fawn and after years of contemplation I will write a brilliant series of books that revolutionizes the world of reading and writing as we know it. Or I could just like the way they look….as I said before, I really have no idea.

But whenever the hubs and I ride the tram together, I will look out the window and say, “Cool door!” every 30-90 seconds. Apparently there are a decent amount of interesting and “cool” doors in Prague. The hubs realized this obsession a while ago and promised to equip our future home with entryways that would deem the response, “Cool door.”

And over the past 11 months, I have taken A LOT of photos of doors. This isn’t even all of them.

Door Image Combo2
On a random side note, the other day I REALLY wanted soup. Those amazing creamy soups that are so thick that you could spread it on bread and eat it like a peanut butter sandwich. Those don’t really exist in restaurants here…at least not in the dozen or so restaurants whose menus we were looking at. And if those soups were there (which was rare) it would cost somewhere between 100-200Kc ($5-10)…which is just ridiculous. At this one restaurant in Wenceslas Square, the hubs and I were looking at a menu outside one of the restaurants when all of a sudden I saw a pirate out of the corner of my eye. I FREAKED out. I literally jumped and continued to look at the menu while telling my hubs out of the corner of my mouth that there was a pirate no more than three feet away…and then I literally ran away. We couldn’t stop laughing for awhile after that.


3 thoughts on “Week 26, 2013: Cool Door

  1. Makes you wonder what are the lives of people living behind those doors.
    Some of those doors did not look inviting.
    Thanks I enjoyed the pictures. especially the doors that are like multi knave tiered look.

    I would have loved to see a picture of that pirate.

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