Week 25B, 2013: Walking

0476 & 0477_DSC0482

We did a lot of walking this weekend. Through Vinohrady (Prague 02) and Žižkov (Prague 03) mainly which is bad when you and your husband are lazy. Let me tell you why – because this section of Prague is notorious for its hills…and at every intersection, we went downhill….and downhill….and downhill…until we ended up in Prague 04. My feet are sore but I love exploring…A LOT.
_DSC0486_DSC04890497 & 0509Also, this weekend…I randomly started watching foreign films…mainly French and Asian. And they are awesome. I’ve been missing out for years.
_DSC0516_DSC0556And when we came across these man-made caves (below left)…I was giggling and jumping up and down like a ten-year old meeting Cinderella for the first time. And then the hubs discovered a spiral staircase leading to an upper level…yeah, I was definitely geeking out.0529 & 05400550 & 0554


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