Week 25A, 2013: New Job

You read that right. I started a new job on Monday. It was weird. Interesting. Then Crazy. Still Weird. Challenging. Busy. And it’s a job that will probably lead to more job opportunities when the hubs and I move back to the States (whenever that happens). Besides, the first few weeks in a new job is like the first week/few days in a new class: it’s all about the syllabus so it’s awkward and overwhelming in information. But obviously the class gets more exciting and interesting as you go along. I’m sure this new job will follow suit.
Plus, I’m still teaching. So, booyah with work experience! And a ton of work hours…And pictured below is the street where I work 40+ hours every week now. It’s called Belgium (in Czech). How apropos (since I’m Belgian).
_DSC0492Plus, this weekend has been AMAZING. I have had SO much energy which is weird because I’m normally so lazy and lie around doing nothing…but yesterday the hubs and I wandered through the Palladium at Náměstí Republiky and found an AMAZING comic book store called Comics Point. The hubs didn’t want to go in initially because he said it was a cliche – a smart introvert mathematician with quirky geekiness and slight agoraphobia would not only be fitting in a comic book store but a complete and total cliche. I obviously made him go in anyway. It. Was. Awesome. They had mugs from a dozen different movies and TV shows including Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, and James Bond. They had SO many bobbleheads – The Big Bang Theory and STAR WARS. Speaking of Star Wars – they had KENNER Star Wars action figures. It’s safe to say that I was completely geeking out. We bought the Doctor Who mug (290Kc, $14.50).

_DSC0474After this we went to get gelato at Angelato (Rytířská 962/27). I had chocolate and the hubs had coffee flavored…. We’re pretty much the perfect couple because we’ll both get different flavors and then we’ll switch cones making the flavor taste even better EVERY time we switch. Sharing = essential to marriage. Besides the fact that the gelato itself is bursting with flavor, the cones are actually waffle cones – which are so tasty. It’s not that cheap processed crap that tastes like you’re eating styrofoam. It’s the good stuff. Which is why we shell out 35Kc ($1.75) each for it.

Gelato ComboWe also went to Bohemia Bagel Burger Bar (Dukelskych hrdinu 48) at Holešovice. I got the Greek Lamb Burger. The tzatziki sauce was SO GOOD. And the fries were tasty as well. The hubs got the Bohemia Burger with cheese and bacon. We both agreed that the fries were really good. The elements that made the burger were all good – tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon…except for the burger patty itself. It was more well done than medium making the burger pretty dried out…unfortunately. It definitely needed to a) be cooked medium or even medium rare and b) have some sauce with it like honey mustard or mayo. BUT, it was a pretty large burger and a good amount of fried for only 175Kc ($8.75) each. Add a Gambrinus on tap and it made for a delicious dinner.


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