Week 24, 2013: Alfons Mucha

I’ve always loved illustrations and art influenced by the Art Noveau movement. And apparently an artist who I’ve always liked but never knew his name was Alfons Mucha. And apparently he’s Czech. And apparently a famous tennis player collected nearly every one of his illustrations and is loaning them for an exhibition in the Municipal House in Prague for five months this year. This is a “world premiere” of this collection as this many of Alfons Mucha’s illustrations have never been shown together.
_DSC0994Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed inside…which is extremely disappointing because the Municipal House alone is gorgeous.
_DSC0996There are advertisements everywhere in Prague…and I’ve wanted to see the exhibit ever since I first saw the ads. The exhibit is on the third or fourth floor of the Municipal House and the posters are separated into two wings with Mucha’s illustrations lining the walls organized into his different periods (Paris, America, Prague) as well as his different concentrations (theatre posters, product posters, etc). At the end of the left wing is a small theatre area where a video plays telling about Mucha and the process of setting up the exhibition.
_DSC1003They also had a very cool gift shop where you could buy HUGE posters for only 600-2000Kc ($30-$100)….which really isn’t that bad considering that they print the posters right there for you. They also sold small magnets, cardstock postcards, and plastic bookmarks for really cheap as well as silk scarves. We bought some of the really cheap items.
_DSC1005We went to this exhibit Friday afternoon and then we had the fun privilege of meeting with the couple that told us all about Prague and their experience teaching here and eventually brought us to Prague. They were SUPER helpful answering all of our nagging questions before coming over. It was great spending the night with them and another friend.
_DSC1004Last week was winter…in June. And this week has been summer. And with the change in weather caused both the hubs and I to get pretty sick. Huzzah. Good week otherwise though.


4 thoughts on “Week 24, 2013: Alfons Mucha

  1. Glad you hooked up with JR and wife. His mom and I were talking about it this week.
    Glad you had a good week despite illness!

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