Week 21, 2013: Burnt Sweet Potato

The weather has been a bit wonky lately. Monday was bright and way too sunny – like Florida in August sunny. It was gross. Tuesday was blue skies with clouds and a bit of rain and then everything hit the fan on Wednesday (and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Heavy rain for five minutes. Crazy wind. Thunderstorms. Lightning. And then nothing for a few hours. And then heavy rain again.
And the Czechs will poke your eye out with their umbrellas – they do not care. Well, I like the wonky bi-polar weather but the Czechs hate every kind of weather. They hate it when it’s sunny and too hot and then when it’s raining and then when it’s winter it’s always too cold. They always talk about the beach like it’s some unattainable utopia….I’m pretty sure there are beaches in Italy and Croatia and Greece…and a bunch of other places. I’m pretty sure you can go there… Haha._DSC0329I found some glorious sweet potatoes in Billa and I found a recipe for sweet potato chips from Martha Stewart (so, it had to be good)…but I followed Martha’s instructions and they were still soggy after the allotted 25 minutes…so I put them in for another ten minutes and then they were burnt to a crisp and our apartment smells like burning socks. Such a waste._DSC0337 Combo


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