Week 20, 2013: Boob Grazes

I have been noticing, with increasing frequency, that I am constantly “boob grazed” while riding the various modes of public transportation in Prague.
On the one hand, it could obviously be accidental – you’re in my way as I am trying to get out of the metro car thingy and you won’t move. I shove through and, as my boobs do protrude from my body, they touch your arm/shoulder/elbow (but thankfully no hands).
_DSC0253On the other hand….we are riding the metro and while there are a good amount of people in the car, there is plenty of “elbow” room – you do NOT need to keep on adjusting whatever it is you are adjusting and jabbing your elbow three feet back into my boob OR stretching for some odd reason in the general direction of my boobage.
_DSC0264FYI to all the men currently living in Prague, the Czech Republic, and Europe as a whole (better be thorough) – my boobage is off-limits. Go get your own (wife, girlfriend, or any facsimile) and grab hers! Seriously. Yikes.
_DSC0258Yes, my boobs are nice. Yes, these are all men. No, you may not touch. No touchy-touchy (Emperor’s New Groove)! Does the phrase “look don’t touch” not mean anything to you people?! You know what…nevermind, you can’t even look. Otherwise, you’ll be like those people in museums who stick their faces as close as physically possible to the paintings without touching them – if I can feel you breathing on me, you are too close.


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