Week 18, 2013: Eggs & Swiss Chocolate

When you buy eggs in the Czech Republic, they aren’t cleaned that well. There is normally still leftover feathers or dirt on it – creating the impression that these eggs were just swiped from the warm bosom of their mother hen, which can be a little disconcerting. Sometimes while cracking one of these eggs open for my scrambled eggs…I half expect to see a baby chick emerge from the shell and into the frying pan. None so far.
_DSC0245_DSC0251A week or two ago, one of my students cancelled our class at the last-minute because she’s a family/divorce lawyer and her client was being detained for too long. That was fine with me because I was tired and that meant an extra 30 minutes of sleep. In the next lesson, my student surprised me with a box of Swiss Chocolate. Apparently she felt bad or guilty or something. Um, okay. Seriously, feel bad/guilty a bit more often. Děkuju!
Swiss ChocolateYes, this is an instagram photo. Follow me @abroadinprague!


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