Week 16, 2013: Canker Sore

I had a canker sore last week – one of the most painful things one can endure. Dreading the notion of trying to find canker sore medicine in Prague (finding what canker sore medicine is called in Czech, finding the right store to purchase this, and hoping that I bought the right thing)…I researched home remedies online. One website provided a water-based solution of salt and baking soda while another suggested adding hydrogen peroxide.
And then I found one that said something along the line of “if you are brave” put salt directly on the sore. That was when the hot-headed rash Anne of Green Gables emerged from within me. I puffed up my chest, marched to the kitchen where I grabbed the salt, continued to the bathroom, stuck out my bottom lip and shook some salt directly onto the canker sore. WOWZA. Did that hurt. But my lip went numb and it felt a LOT better. The next day I used pretzel salt. That called for an equally painful WOWZA but it worked even better. Now you know…too much…about canker sores.
I loved the juxtaposition of old and new buildings in the above photo._DSC0207I love this graffiti wall. It’s my favorite in Prague.  189&190 197&204 202&205


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