Week 12-13, 2013: Happy Easter!

The first day of Spring came and went with Winter still in control. It’s like there is this epic battle between the two and Spring keeps on saying, “That all you got?” and Winter says, “Nope” and then drops six inches of snow in four hours. Then, Spring laughs a bit and it melts three hours later but Winter gets ticked and sends a crazy cold wind for a week. And that’s where we are now – with a crazy strong cold wind that rips through your clothes so much that you wonder if you were wearing any to begin with.
I kicked myself on that six inch snow day for not having my camera but I snagged a couple photos with my iPad that I had brought with me (for listening parts of my lessons).
Snow Day ComboI went for a stroll a few days before Easter to browse through some of the Easter Market. Czechs have a tradition where boys/men run around hitting girls/women with willow sticks that have ribbons tied to the end (photo #3)…it’s a sign of fertility…or something. Although I’m not exactly sure why they would want to make little girls fertile. But this is getting a bit awkward.
_DSC0105Eggs _DSC0109 _DSC0111 Easter Combo


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