Week 11B, 2013: Bad Mood Saturday

We bought peanut butter for the first time in a few months….Oh. My. Goodness. I never realized before how much I LOVE peanut butter (and bagels and applesauce and brown sugar – all of which don’t exist or come in VERY small/expensive quantities). Let me tell you, nutella or that hazelnut nonsense does NOT make up for peanut butter. For some reason, they have a LARGE selection of nutella-like spreads and even a cocoa spread but peanut butter is essentially non-existent. When I opened the lid to that jar of heavenly deliciousness, my day got exponentially better. And I was having a bad day…so that’s saying something. Speaking of bad day, Saturday was pretty horrible. I just felt horribly worthless in every way. There are two ways that will (usually) work in getting me out of a funk: exercising and taking photos. So, we went for a walk/ride. Also, we bought the peanut butter later that day (the third thing is food – unless it’s ice cream. Ice cream always makes it worse).
We hopped on the metro and made our way to Ládví – where the hubs works. Now he’s a genius. Seriously. Truly and Really. When I tell my students that he is a mathematician and physicist their eyes get wide, their mouths open slightly, and they shake their head. When I tell them that he works for the Physics Institute of Prague, they become cartoonish in their reactions. Yup – that’s my husband. He’s awesome. It’s attractive.
So, this is where he works….
_DSC0076They have a tennis court. I don’t know why. Who ever heard of scientists playing team sports? (Halo or COD doesn’t count).
Then the hubs started talking about who works in which office. “My office is across the hall from the office with one blind open and one blind closed in the window second from the left on the bottom row…and we had the lecture with the guy from Isreal – remember? He’s the one that was surprised that I wasn’t obese as ALL Americans are obese – we had that lecture in the third row five over with both blinds open…” This is what normally happens when he talks about math – I sorta follow and then when I get bored or my brain starts hurting, I kiss him. Then he stops talking. It works.
_DSC0081Then we explored the area a bit.
_DSC00820088&0086And then we took the metro to a tram stop and took the tram to SPARTA (seriously). And then we went to McDonald’s. It’s actually the first time I remember eating fast food in about five years (or more). Contrary to popular belief (in the Czech Republic), not all Americans are fat and not all Americans ONLY eat fast food. Regardless…It. Was. Good. I don’t care what they put in those chicken nuggets. It tastes good and there’s nothing wrong with having it once every five years. _DSC0091Combo1Found another Czech POINT.


3 thoughts on “Week 11B, 2013: Bad Mood Saturday

  1. Just stumbled on your blog… The photography is wonderful, and I totally sympathize with the peanut butter situation. I’m in Moscow (not a peanut butter place) and it hurts me so much every time I fork over $15 for a jar.

    1. I know! Wow! Fourteen bucks a jar?! Yikes! It’s not THAT bad here. But, I bet it’s totally worth it when you haven’t had any in so long. What brought you to Russia? I’ll have to check out your blog! Haha. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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