Week 11, 2013: IP Pavlova

I have a new student on Thursday afternoons. She is pretty cool. She has blonde dreadlocks and works at Prague’s Department of Public Transportation (dpp.cz). She is taking English lessons because she just wants to – she doesn’t need it for work, she just likes it. Well, that’s awesome. She started the lesson by saying, “This may be bad thing but I watch A LOT TV shows and movies in English.” My response, “Ummm…no, that’s a really good thing.” She can pick up pronunciation, idioms, linkers, phrasal verbs, collocations, tone, and more from watching! It’s super smart – while enjoying a TV show, your brain picks up on all of the little nuances of the language without realizing it. It’s perfect. We spent half the lesson telling each other what TV shows the other should be watching. It was pretty cool. After the class, I wandered around taking photos of the beautiful blue sky. I got lost but it’s easy enough to just walk towards the sound of a tram in the distance.
Combo2_DSC0011Combo1_DSC0057_DSC0063_DSC0072I played around with this last photo a bit in Photoshop. The building looks kinda creepy and I wanted to have that feeling in the colors…


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