Week 10, 2013: Birthday

I’m not one to announce to the world, “Hey! It was/is my birthday! Pay attention to me!” Except now apparently. Sunday, the 10th was my birthday. No, I don’t feel any older. No, there weren’t any balloons. Party decorations are super expensive here (like $5 for 4 balloons). Yes, I made my own cake. My super awesome husband gave me an awesome birthday weekend which included fried chicken, movie-watching, a trip to Ikea, cuddling, and some photography (and quite a bit more). After our trip to Ikea, I wanted to take some photos – the sun was setting and the sky was painted purple, pink, and yellow. Plus, it was the first blue sky I’ve seen in awhile. We made our way to Prague 07 just a little north of Letna Park.


3 thoughts on “Week 10, 2013: Birthday

  1. I love the photos and think that is so cool that you live in Prague. The rest of your posts look great as well. Keep up the good work! (And thank you for replying on my blog.)

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