Week 09, 2013: Snow Day

This wasn’t an intentional snow day. As was the trend for the month of February, I had no classes last Friday. The hubs and I decided to explore some new places of Prague – we had no idea where we were going though. Just a lot of wandering. That day (and that night) about six or seven inches of snow fell on the ground making for an empty city. There was pretty much no one anywhere. It. Was. Great.
_DSC0204206&208 ComboWe also made the hubs first snowman and snow angels…he’s from Florida. That pretty much explains everything. I’ve wanted to jump in the snow and make a snow angel from the first snowfall. I didn’t want to because I just knew some of it would get on my skin….to answer your question, yes, the snow got up my sleeves and both sides of my pants. It kept melting down my pant leg.
213&215 Combo_DSC0224_DSC0242255&267 Combo


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