Week 06, 2013: Hunting for Carnival

A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto Carnival in Prague – unfortunately only in the virtual world that is the Internet. Someone mentioned on Facebook that they heard something was happening somewhere at sometime called Carnival and I became intrigued. I placed my researching hat on my head and I went to work. This is supposed to be a two-week long event ending on Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. I actually found a lot online….but pretty much nothing in person.
On Saturday, the 9th, the hubs and I went to several locations claiming to have booths full of food and crafts, children’s activities, clowns, jugglers, dancers, and more! Finally, we found something in Old Town Square. And by something, I mean the smallest something that someone could find – two jugglers and a booth. The jugglers were performing a very odd act in Czech where one was making the other drop whatever they were juggling and using someone’s used chewing gum to hold a prop on their nose. I am sure it would have made more sense in English. The booth had several brochures and fliers advertising for many activities that apparently were only existing in secret invisible places. Oh, yeah. And two dudes were wearing some old-timey suits.
Carnival Combo SmWe tried again on Sunday, the 10th, with a friend. It was even less successful. And we gave up very quickly, venturing elsewhere for photographs.
Finally, on Tuesday, the 12th, there was something. At Jiriho Z Podebrad, there was a band playing and many booths set up selling various victuals. Then we went to Old Town where there was a juggler constantly dropping whatever he was juggling. Danielle, my friend, had to look away constantly because he was clearly not doing this on purpose – most of the crowd would flinch and look away each time he dropped something, too. It was actually quite painful. But that was it. Carnival in Prague = super lame.


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