Week 05, 2013: Stromovka


A few weeks ago, I had an unexpected Friday off (students can cancel up to 12 hours in advance with no penalty…in other words, I don’t get paid). Walter and I decided to go visit a local park – our motivation being that we wanted to go somewhere different without having to pay money. We landed on Stromovka, literally meaning “place of trees” located in Prague 07. Needing a “nature escape” from the city, we hopped on a tram and made our way there. _DSC1721The park is located right next to Prague Exhibition Grounds which had some beautiful architecture reminiscent of a World Fair in the 1800s. I wasn’t able to get close enough for any good shots though. The park also has a planetarium.
_DSC1727_DSC1735It was a much-needed nature escape. To hear so many birds chirping and crazy fox-squirrel hybrids. To smell fresh air (not smoke everywhere). To see so many natural beautiful colors. A true sweet relief.
_DSC1757_DSC1769_DSC1790_DSC1834_DSC1860And after chasing after this hybrid squirrel for an embarrassingly long time with a bunch of Czech children, I finally got a (decent) shot of the bugger.


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