2012: Just Another Year

Before starting this post, I tried to think of a superbly clever title. Here are some of the cliches that I came up with:
1. 2012: A Year in Review
2. 2013: A Year Without Regrets
3. 2012/3: A Year of Change
4. 2012: What I Did Wrong
5. 2013: What I’ll Do Right
As every single title I came up with incited my gag reflex, I decided to go down the purple brick road. Considering that this post is basically a compilation of 2012’s regrets and my possible goals for 2013 (part 2), I suppose a title soaked in triteness would be deemed appropriate by the masses.

With that said, I can honestly say I don’t have any regrets for 2012 (or 2011). I believe that everything happens for a reason. Simply looking back over the past two years of my life is a testament to that. (Story Time!) I graduated college six months early with the hopes of moving to New Jersey temporarily and then traveling to Taiwan to see my sister. When those plans fell through, the stark reality that is independence, a lack of money, and an overwhelming sense of failure metaphorically sunk in. I applied to over 300 jobs, receiving only two interviews – one of which was at a TGI Friday’s as a Line Cook. After working there for three months, I became extremely desperate…and inevitably hopeless. I needed to get out – and go anywhere else. Insert a job opportunity as a full-time receptionist at a legal publishing company. After seven months of working coupled with a long-distance relationship (while living with my parents), the padded walls began closing in. Looking for another way out…again, I stumbled on the idea of working overseas. Specifically, teaching English in the Czech Republic. We (being the hubs and I) both applied to the TEFL language school in Prague…fast-forward through two months of daydreaming and three months of wedding planning and we are married and living in Prague. Living in a dreamland – literally.

Looking back now, I can see that if I had not graduated six months early and worked at TGI Friday’s for that period of time, I would not have been desperate enough to work as a receptionist. If I had not been living with my parents for that period of time, I would not have saved up the whopping nest egg that provided the hubs and I with the ability to move to Prague. If I had not had that long-distance relationship with my hubs, our relationship would not be as strong as it is now. All of the mistakes I made, the amount of failure I felt, how much I missed my man, as well as every social interaction, blog post, photograph, chick-flick, and diet book all worked together in the perfect equation that is life – bringing me to where I am now. Three dreams in one year fulfilled:
1. Married to my love.
2. Living in Europe.
3. Doing work that matters.

While I could nitpick about what I could have done differently and what I should have forced myself to do this past year…I can’t change the past. I (and everyone else) can diatribe about the should’s, could’s, would’s, and mite’s until flying cars are invented but the honest truth is that we are not companions to the Doctor. We are not Marty McFly. Our pals, Phineas & Ferb cannot make a time machine for us. And even if all of those beautiful fictions were realities, they would look you right in the eye and say, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” A life spent backpedaling gets you nowhere.


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